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Three Years Seems Like a Lot.

Women have posted the most precise messages I've read on RV pages. To the point and stating the facts. In 2019 before we moved out of our house, a woman posted that it took almost three years to know what they were doing after going full time in their RV. She couldn't have been more clear. We are coming up on our three-year mark, and the learning is still in full swing.

We planned and planned while we lived in our house and remodeled our coach Luna. We had ideas about the interior and how things would feel and work. It's incredible how many of those things have changed.

While this house is only two hundred and forty square feet, it still has a lot of chores to be done, and for us, we didn't even know what all of those chores would be until we lived in the place a while. It's incredible how many things are still being refined after almost three years. Hauling fresh water is quicker, and dealing with wastewater has become more straightforward. Swapping the composter toilet litter is embarrassingly easy. I would have declined if you had told me 15 years ago that I would be managing a composter toilet and how it worked. Now I knock it out like a diaper on one of the kids. Whah-Bam! Done. That didn't come overnight.

It's taken time for us to learn how to cook at a kitchen counter big enough for one. It's a hassle and could ruin the moment, except we don't let it. We move carefully and with respect for the challenge of tiny living.

The most significant part of the learning curve has been remodeling what we have already remodeled. Soon after moving out of the house, we converted our little desk into a sitting bench at the window. That was cool, and it opened up the kitchen. Since we deleted the work desk in the kitchen, Christina didn't have a place to work, and I was trying to make a workstation in the back fit, and it just wasn't. So we took out the twin bed (that we built in the back) and created a premium artwork station for Christina. Recently we changed our king-size bed to twins and added a custom standing desk on top of the TV at the head of the beds. Since that didn't completely wear us out, we followed it up by painting the entire interior cabinetry. The cabinets were already painted, but we changed all the colors, binge painting for 12 days.

The most significant adjustment was for the dog, who slept right in the middle of the king-size bed. But as any good dog does, he adjusted too and barges into our smaller beds, making himself at home.

Three years. We've been living in this house for almost three years, and we are still figuring things out. And every day of it, I hear that woman's written voice in my head and her understanding that came from experience, time, and a willingness to do something so unique and so new, only time itself would deliver the education.

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