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My Mission at Jonas Professional Speaking.

In 2022 I committed to signing up for a professional speaking/business group course. Like so many other forks in life's road, the journey required a decision to be made. Two areas of service and work were optional, historic homes and kids. To which would I apply for the course? While I continue to work on old houses and do speaking gigs in historic homes for entertainment and education, my service to kids and families calls to me emotionally, mentally, and, to be truthful, physically. Knowing my aging process, my love for our lifestyle, and how many years I plan to keep working, I focused the speaking/business course on my greatest dream, finishing my working years serving kids.

I'm here to help solve the problem of youth physical, mental, and emotional stagnation. I'm joining an army of people speaking professionally to kids at schools, conventions, rallies, campouts, summer camps, churches, and other places where kids and families gather. It's the most natural way to continue working and serving society. And it's going to take a ton of work.

My job is to empower kids to get outdoors. We are learning more and more every year about the undeniable benefits of humans being outdoors—especially fast-growing, highly energetic, wild-at-heart kids. Everything from the sun in the sky to fresh air, clean water, blowing wind, and soil under our feet, getting outdoors improves our lives. Getting into a natural setting lowers blood pressure, reduces our resting heart rate, and instills a feeling of calmness and clarity. Add a natural body of water, and the feelings increase. Home. A perfect place to spend the day, earth outdoors.

I aspire to remind kids they are in charge of their choices and that the world's consuming attractions aren't going away. The goal is to instill in kids the courage to find balance in a society filled with distractions, time theft, and addiction. We know preparing kids for the world includes the healing, inspirational power of being outdoors.

This talk is prepared for three age groups — middle school through high school seniors, college/young adults, and parents. It's easy to get stuck in a rut. It happens to everyone. That's why it's essential to get outside and get moving. This talk will encourage you to love yourself in your skin, trust the great outdoors to inspire you, experience the natural world, and go further outdoors than ever before. Being outdoors more often will encourage you not just to survive but to thrive, living the life you dream of most!

Let's get outdoors!

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