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Monday is House Day.

Yesterday was House Day here at Casa Jonas. I've always had a house day. Chores have never been a problem; I like caring for stuff. I can't tell you where it came from, but I enjoy keeping things for a long time. Cars, bikes, clothes, tools, stereos, and every little pen and brush art tool I've ever owned. I like things that are well-made and built to last.

When we started shopping for a travel coach, Christina began the search by looking at Airstreams. The construction and materials are long-lasting. Avion campers came up during the search, leading us to buy our tiny 1979 home on wheels. I've always enjoyed working with this coach. It has its foibles, but overall it's made well.

There is almost always something on the list. We've lived in Luna long enough that things that were new when we hit the road wear out—painted surfaces, exterior coatings, seam and joint seals, and miles of weather strip. Often enough, we are still improving things. All the little details make Luna more comfortable than most would believe.

Yesterday I hit it hard. I started the day at sunrise, walking up the slope to cut and split firewood in the gulley where all the pine trees are. Indy goes with me and is a good lookout. Bears live in these slopes, and so do elk. We like to know when they come to visit. Once I got back down to the van, I got the tools ready to go and started charging batteries.

An organizer in our bathroom closet crumbled and fell to pieces. It was lightweight cloth, but how? The closet was ready for a remodel anyway. There's a lot in there, the rechargeable vacuum and its accessories, the WeeBoost home base, the whole house water filter system, a Swifter, clothes iron and steamer, and a few other general household devices. It's all hanging up now, reorganized, and with a few empty hooks ready for more. Then the solar system got some love. I installed an auxiliary 110-volt battery charger. It is the backup charger in case the Victron Multipulus (the inverter/charger) fails.

Then I gave the front door some attention. It's a curved door with rounded top corners and tight tolerances. I added a tuneable aluminum turnbuckle to the door's top hinge to adjust the strike and fitting. It works great, and the door operates much smoother, with a better close.

I finished the chore day repairing a faulty light in the rear trunk—a mere convenience to some but a welcome feature filling the fresh water tank late at night.

Luna is a good place for us. Challenging enough to keep our learning curve sharp but small enough to manage. At the end of the day, we settle into a cozy, warm little place with a big-screen TV, great meals, and most of the comfort of a modern home.

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